The Universal Multipurpose Handle

Posted by Joe Porche, PA-C on Jan 1st 2017

The Universal Multipurpose Handle

Welcome to the startup of Multus, LLC.


Hello, my name is Joe Porche.  I would like to tell you about a product I invented and how I got the idea!  I am a very active person.  I enjoy hunting, woodworking, and maintaining the weekly chores of being a home owner.  If you own a home, you understand the up keep of cutting the grass, cutting tree limbs, and gardening.

All of my activities involve pulling, lifting, or dragging.   Awkward and heavy lifting can be painful and stressful to the hands, wrist, shoulder and the lower back.  I have practiced as a Physician Assistant in orthopedics and pain management for 20 years.  I don't believe in stopping what I love to do, so I designed a tool to improve ergonomics when lifting, dragging or pulling to reduce injuries.

Welcome to Multus, the "Universal Utility Handle".  It is a multi-use handle with a removeable locking peg that allows you to be creative and attach it to almost anything.  The multipurpose handle is ultra-light, durable, compact and is a back saver.  It can be used as a deer drag, pet leash handle, shop handle,handle extender, stabilizer handle, camping utility and boating accessory handle.  The handle can be easily attached to straps, ropes and cables.  Visit my website at to learn more about the products that we have.