Handle -IT-ALL

Posted by Joe Porche, PA-C on Apr 14th 2017

Handle -IT-ALL

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Safely and easily reduces back and joint stress when lifting, pulling or dragging to handle most jobs.

The multi-purpose handle, a.k.a. “Multus”, fits in your pocket, weighs less than 4 ounces and can handle loads of 250 pounds. This single product can be used as a perfect deer drag, small game carrier, pet leash & handle, extension cord & hose wrap, replacement handle, handle extender, grocery and package carrier, luggage carrier, school bag handle, garden tool, and it can be used for camping, boating and dragging trees.

The locking removable peg of the handle, and replaceable straps, ropes and cables allows the user to quickly attach to almost anything. The multi-purpose handle is reusable, durable and non-toxic. 

Multus is a versatile and useful closed-loop handle that converts into a multi-drag system.  It provides a better way to drag, lift or pull. 

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