What Our Customers Say


This is a great product! I had used it to drag two deer out of public land that I hunted last year and it worked great. The handle makes it easier to drag without hurting your hand. The product is also put together very well and is easy to use. I also like the way it compacts and doesn’t take up any space in my pack. I hope I will be using this product again come this hunting season.

-Micheal Domingue


I will never go back into the woods without my multus deer drag! I’ve dragged out 2 deer this season with it and it makes my life so much better! It takes all the back breaking work out of dragging and makes it simple! You can even hang your deer with these! There very durable and simple!-

-Caleb Nerenburg


Awesome product ! Being a female hunteress and in the woods I am happy to finally have something light weight and small in my pack! This deer drag is perfect for me to drag my deer out alone and not need help! Great for anyone.

-Hayden Whitley


Extremely well made product that provides a ton of help when you need to get your deer out of the woods. Owner is a great guy and customer service is top notch. Shipping was fast and convenient and product is very well made. LABH approved


-Krystal Mahoney


Honestly I don’t go in the woods with out it. I have one in my backpack one in my four-wheeler compartment and two in my truck just in case I need it. The use of this product is unreal for the avid sportsman doesn’t matter what kind of hunting or outdoors work you are doing the Multus is usable.

-Jeremy Porche


This product is so simple but so effective. Slide it into your backpack and go hunting. Multus products make dragging a whitetail very simple. Less back strain and better leverage! I would recommend it to anyone!-Carrie Duffie


We have used the Handle this season and you will be very impressed. The Handle It is very durable and makes dragging your trophy out of the woods as simple as walking back. It is very simple to use and you won’t have any trouble or headaches trying to figure it out after dark. The reflective strip makes it very easy to see with the slightest bit of light hitting it. You can fit the Handle It in you’re pocket and since it has a reflective strip you can use it as a marker to mark where you’re animal is if you need to go back to the truck to get your tools needed to clean field dress your animal. You won’t be disappointed with the Handle It or any of the Multus products they have to offer. Multus has engineered their products for the hunter and put you in mind and engineer their products to make the hunt easier on you.