The Multus Family


My name is Joe Porche and this is my wife Christine.   We are from the Greater New Orleans area.  Both of our careers are in the service industry.  I have had spine and joint injuries, unfortunately.  I love to hunt whitetail deer, but the work of retrieving a deer from the woods is a real pain in the back.  I researched every product on the market and I saw an opportunity to create a product that incorporated every possible way to drag, lift , carry or pull  that would provide value and a safety benefit for whitetail deer hunters. 

I am a physician’s assistant with greater than 20 years experience in orthopedics, pain management and rehabilitation.  My passion is helping people live with their impairments and helping people work smarter to reduce their chance of future injuries.  I saw an opportunity to produce a product that can be useful to every large and small game hunter.

So, I created MULTUS .  The key component is the multipurpose handle with a locking removable peg that allows the user to interchange the straps.  The handle was engineered for a 400 pound weight capacity, yet weighs 3 ounces and fits in your pocket.  It allows the whitetail deer hunters to be in the best position when dragging, lifting or pulling to improve their pulling power and control when moving a deer.

The Multus family of products are compact, ultra-light and durable.  They are fast and easy to use for transporting small and large game.  We are gaining market share by selling the most useful and versatile deer drag and sportsman utility handle in the World.  Our goal is to provide an affordable product for all hunters that is high quality and provides valuable benefits to hunters nationally and internationally that can be used 12 months of the year.  Please visit us at booth 1236 at the ATA Show.