Her Humble Hunt


Hello! My name is Bianca Cantrell, author of Her Humble Hunt, President and Founder of the Beauty and Her Bow Foundation. As a passionate big game bowhunter I came to realize various obstacles face while hunting solo can be aided with ease using one simple product. With a career in nursing having experience as an orthopedic nurse, I know too well the need for optimal ergonomics at all stages of life. 


Multus Products Deer Drag became a staple in my must have field tools for more reasons than one. I have found this deer drag to be useful while toting heavy bags of mineral, dragging cut limbs for ground blind builds in the off season. Useful as well by securing to a tree for leverage pull up points along routine back woods trials leading up embankments. While not in direct use, the Multus Deer Drag can be utilized by attaching extra gear to any pack and so much more. The removable peg feature is truly a remarkable aspect that takes this compact, versatile deer to the next level on the market. 


As an all-season year-round hunter, the Multus Deer Drag allows me to be confident in my ability to retrieve all of my favorite wild game species. From black bear, whitetail deer, feral hogs, wild turkey and more, Multus Products makes it easy to hunt smarter, not harder!